Security Camera Surveillance with SIM Card. Mobile cell phone APP. Monitor live over the 4G/LTE Network

3G-001 (Internet camera with SIM and SD card Slot for recording - 4G/LTE module switching)

Excellent 4G/LTE security camera with SIM card. SD card slot for recording. 40m Night vision and 2.8-12mm motorized zoom lens. Receive motion detection push alarm notification to the APP on your mobile device for Android/IOS. View recordings on your phone.

5G 4G camera mobile monitor with motorized zoom lens and 60m night vision
4g battery power with sim card lte module internet live monitor with motion detection

LTE-002 (Battery Backup 4G Security Camera, with PAN and TILT motorized via APP)

Internet monitoring 4G security camera with SIM card. Tilt and Pan. Built-in battery for back-up. Battery can last up to 6 hours on stand by time. Install on a flat surface or on the wall. Indoor housing.

LTE-010PTZ(80m night vision) PAN, TILT and ZOOM x 5. Add external solar battery power for remote areas.

Professional PTZ camera with 80m night vision. PTZ x 5 motorized zoom lens. Record data and motion detection to SD card. Best SIM card to use on all mobile networks is the pre-paid Vodacom solution.

PTZ wired outdoor security camera with SD card slot recording at 80m night vision

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Battery technology is getting better with more advanced materials. 

Our featured product is the IP Solar Power camera. It include a re-chargeable battery system to allow for a 24/7 security solution off grid. The camera connect to the internet using the 4G built-in Internet module. This mean the camera is always online for immediate live image streaming to your phone.

“Built-in Solar Panel and Re-chargeable batteries”