Wireless CCTV Camera solutions for Home and Business, WIFI IP Security, Complete with Solar Battery options, 4G modules, Alarm systems, beam sensors, design, installation, commissioning and setup. Online sales. Bulk imports.

We specialize in WIFI wireless cameras and security alarm systems. Motion detection notifications to your phone. Installation and setup.

Mobile APP, Routers and accessories. Special orders(10pcs+), ship in 7 days.

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What is a Smart WIFI Wireless CCTV camera?

Smart wireless security cameras on sale. The new WIFI AI Artificial Intelligence technology we all hear about. The IP camera do motion detection and send push notification to the APP, on your phone. These smart camera also include a SD card slot and record all motion detected data captured. Night vision is available in different specification ranges. Pan/Tilt and Zoom options are available on specific projects, so use outdoor or indoor. Smart Video is the future mobile view technology, because Internet connectivity at your premises is getting more popular. Allow live streaming anywhere in the world, so no more wondering what is going on at home.

WIFI camera installations indoor and outdoor protection

Cost effective CCTV outdoor wireless IP cameras for home surveillance, made easy with free APP software on Android and IOS.

Excellent surveillance, wireless CCTV camera for surveillance. Include white security LED lights, to work as a motion sensor light combination, CCTV. Two way audio for communication and alarm warning to intruder that intrusion was detected. APP software control for Android and IOS mobile smart devices. The outdoor WIFI security camera for home and business, will send alarm push notification to your phone, once motion is detected. WIFI camera on E-commerce to the public. Wireless IP cameras. SD card slot for recording data. Intruder activate recording and data is stored on the SD card. This data can be accessed via the APP software on your mobile device from South Africa and anywhere in the world. No need to take the SD card out to view recorded data. Access the video using your mobile phone.

outdoor ptz wifi ip with pan tilt and zoom function auto

Excellent 4 x Zoom WIFI camera to monitor a wide area using Pan and Tilt function.

Monitor a wide area with the PTZ function. Motorized optical zoom and auto focus wireless security cameras. Two way audio function to talk to visitors. Home security cameras. Business surveillance made easy. This IP camera include a SD card slot for recording. CCTV Cameras on special.

4G and Solar power for live internet monitor and streaming

4G Bullet camera with 4 x motorized zoom lens to focus on a specific point like a gate. MiFi.

This unique product work on the 3G 4G cell phone network. Always online allow remote live video streaming. The night vision range allow to monitor at a distance of up to 60m.

PTZ wired outdoor security camera with SD card slot recording at 80m night vision

4G PTZ include 5 x motorized Zoom Lens with 80m night vision LED lights. MiFi Camera.

Pan, Tilt and 5 x Zoom with 4G Internet connectivity. 80m night vision range. SD card slot to record WIFI data. Use your phone and Free APP to access data remotely on the unit.

WIFI and 4G Solar Power solutions for those remote access areas. Designs include poles and brackets for easy installation. Complete plug and play design. We use strong 100x100mm squire tubing as the main base. T-piece on top of the base tube, include brackets to fit the panels. Battery box to allow for the safe keeping of the electronics. Wires, clamps and other accessories installed for immediate use.

solar kit that include poles, bracket and electric boxes

Various designs and pole heights available on request. The standard height is 3.5m above ground with solar panels on top. The total height will not exceed 4m. To install the system, you will dig a 0.5 meter deep hole. Plant the main frame with cement. Wait a day to let the cement dry. Then assemble the solar brackets, panels and connect the wires. Switch the power on, and the unit will start. 

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