4G PTZ Camera Security with 5 x Motorized Zoom lens - Pan/Tilt - 80m Night Vision.

PTZ wired outdoor security camera with SD card slot recording at 80m night vision

4G-010PTZ Camera

Wireless 4G PTZ 5G LTE, 80m night Vision. outdoor motion detection Camera. E-mail, FTP, DNS notification APP software included. DIY

Excellent camera to use as a 4G Solar Security PTZ Camera in remote locations. We designed and tested a good Solar kit for continuous online surveillance. The camera can also work from a standard 12V power supply, which is included in the package.

This security solution is excellent for remote monitoring on farms, building sites, or any environment where no Network is available. It allow for an external power supply which can be added where the Eskom grid is not available.

Insert your SIM card with Data to have the camera connect continuous to the mobile cell phone network. The built-in SD card slot allow for up to 128G cards to be installed for recording. This image data can then be accessed via a Smart Phone using the APP included.

Connect these cameras also with standard WIFI IP cameras on the same network. Here we will replace the 4G module with the local area network WIFI module. The APP software is the same for both models, to add many different network devices.

Online monitoring anywhere, anytime to ensure property protection. Technology allow to have video streaming from different places to one mobile phone. Share the streaming account with up to 5 other users. Excellent product reviews.


Please note that the Solar Kit is optional if required. 4G LTE module included in the security camera. Poles, brackets and boxes can be pre-built for easy plug and play solutions.

R6990.00 each VAT incl. This price do not include the Solar Kit.

Need more than one or want to add the Solar Kit? Get a Quote.

The 4G camera above require a standard 80W Solar Panel and 12V regulator. Battery sizes depend on the time frame that the camera will operate. We found that a 65Ah battery will be sufficient for one camera to be powered. When more cameras need to be installed on the same Solar Power system,  we recommend a larger design. We can assist to calculate designs.