4G Camera include built-in panel and batteries - Complete wireless monitoring.

4G battery power camera and IP control via APP software on mobile

4G/5G SOLAR Camera

Outdoor bullet 4G Security Camera with Battery - 15m Night vision H.265 Remote monitoring over the Internet. Build-in SD card slot for recording.

Wireless 4G Solar Security Camera with SIM card. 15m night Vision. Outdoor motion detection notification and push alarm. CCTV APP software included. Download from the APP store. Android/IOS. DIY. Easy to use and install yourself.

4G security camera include rechargeable solar power supply. Low power consumption. Permanently online for live streaming. When the 4G Solar Security camera is in stand by mode and not accessed with your phone, it will not use any 5G Internet data. So there will be no data used. Only when the device is accessed for live video streaming. Normally the camera will not be used to monitor live all the time. It will do motion detection and then send a push alarm to your phone. Now, you can access the live data stream, to view the specific area of interest.


R3890.00 each VAT incl.

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Additional panels are available for more continuous monitoring options. The standard camera can be used to do motion detection and live stream alarms. The basic function is to work like a motion sensor for live streaming video. Thus, the sensor will be triggered and then a alarm notification is send to your phone. Access the live Internet connected camera to view the footage.

Motion detected video footage are recorded on the on board built-in SD card slot. This data can be accessed using the APP monitoring software on your smart phone device. Set the recording of data to stop after the disk is full or loop recording. This will over right old data with the new data. SD card sizes that can be used will be 32Gig to 128Gig.

Before using the system, the internal batteries must be fully charged first, using the charge cable included. After the system is fully charged, it can be installed in direct sun light. The panels will then keep the battery charged for motion detection monitoring and live streaming.

Please note that continuous streaming on these systems, will not be possible as of the small battery and sun power design. For a system where live monitoring is continuous, the power kit must be upgraded.

1.1080P Mega-Pixels. H.265. 4G/5G Solution with SIM card slot. 
2.Account management, register account, bind camera. view online.
3.Support IPHONE, IPAD, Android Mobile.
4.MiFi security connection. 
5.Auto IR for day and night viewing.
6.Motion detect sensor to trigger motion, and send mail and push alert.
7. Support remote SD card video records access.

Below some more 4G/5G Security Cameras with Solar options

Indoor Pan and Tilt 4G security camera with SIM card slot. Record motion detected and  view the data on your mobile phone. Back up battery, to last around six hours on stand by time. Excellent high definition image quality for remote surveillance. Night vision to see clear images in dark areas. Connect the camera to the power supply. When the main power fails, the system will auto connect to the battery supply. Easy to use and control over the Internet. Do It Yourself solution.

4G Bullet security camera, 12V power supply input. These cameras are designed to work continuous on an external power kit. Data can be streamed over the Internet 24/7, without power running low. Poles brackets and boxes can be designed to work on many 4G cameras at once. APP software on your mobile phone will send push notification. Motion detection recording on the built-in SD card slot.

PTZ WiFi security camera. Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera for outdoor High Definition monitoring. So, include this PTZ model to allow for wide area monitoring. Great for home and business. 80m night vision security solutions. Connect to a RJ45 cable network or allow LTE for wireless data transmission.

This kit is designed to work on any of our 4G LTE cameras. Install the kit with the camera for 12V power. The system will be able to run on a 24/7 basis for continuous surveillance. Excellent design to have the camera work full time. Live Internet streaming can be done. Options are available where there will be more than one camera on a pole.