Frequently asked questions

A WIFI security camera can be used to monitor a specific region of interest. This video image can be monitored on PC, Tablet and mobile phones through software. The WIFI connection can be used to add the device to your home or office WIFI.

WI-FI (wireless fidelity) is a frequency on a facility allowing computers, smartphones, or other devices to connect to the Internet. The devices can communicate with one another wireless within a particular area, whilst the Internet is disconnected.

The APP software included in the camera package can be used with any Android or IOS Smart phone. It is Free software available on the APP store.

The APP on your mobile phone does not use data after it has been installed. If you access the security camera from the APP, over the Internet. Data charges may occur.

4G Internet connected cameras only use data when the data is streamed live. While you monitor the image stream, data charges will occur. Setting for low data usage can be set.

DVR stand for Digital Video Recorder. NVR stand for Network Video Recorder. The DVR is used on analogue security cameras. NVR’s are used on IP network cameras. These devices record data to your HDD, hard disk drive.

You only need a DVR or NVR to record data to a specific hard disk drive. New technology cameras include a SD card slot. Data will then be recorded on the camera.

Security cameras can be set to record all the time to a Video Recorder. Software also allow to set up a motion detection recording. Thus, the camera will only record motion detected video clips. Else, it will be in stand by mode.

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