recharge battery powered camera outdoor

Security Camera - WIFI IP Internet Monitoring - Mobile Smartphone APP

BP-003 1080P Wide view angle. Battery powered Outdoor/Indoor Camera

Record video and data to  a SD card.10-15M Night Vision Re-chargeable battery pack, for 180 days stand-by and Two way audio.

Install within your WiFi range. Outdoor battery powered WIFI camera with a weather protection housing. IP66 rating. Advanced Motion detection sensor. Notifications sent to your Smartphone APP. Magnetic bracket to allow for fast removal. Bracket to install camera fixed.

The camera comes with a Two Mega Pixel lens, processing High Definition image quality. It can be used in any area indoor or outdoor. Detailed video clips will be stored on the SD card. This recorded data can then be retrieved using the APP on your mobile phone.

Two way audio is a standard built-in function. Here the operator can communicate to a visitor over the Internet, using the APP.

R1990.00 each VAT incl.

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Pan and Tilt Battery 4G camera. Back-up power will last 6-8 hours when set to motion detection and recording. Include this model to allow for Internet monitoring, while complete Eskom supply downtime. Great for home and business. Security solutions to survey indoor activities. Two way audio communication to use as an intercom system. Insert your LTE pre-paid SIM card and start the camera up. The mobile APP, which is free to download will then connect to the camera. Online monitoring is now active.

“Pan, Tilt Camera 4G. Indoor security for your home and business.”