Camouflaged Hunting Trail Camera with SIM Card, used to detect animal and human motion.

3G trail camera with SIM card

MMS/3G-Camera Trap

Camouflaged GPRS/MMS Digital Infrared Trail Camera with SIM card.

Wireless Trail Camera with Sim Card. 3G Hunting Security solution. 12m night Vision. Outdoor motion detection with picture notification and APP. DIY

1. 12 Mega-Pixels.
2. Insert Sim card and SD card.
3. Motion detection record images and video on SD card.
5. 940NM black LED lights. Not visible to human eye.
7. Batteries last approx 2-3 months on stand-by.


Automatic digital trail camera with SIM Card. Digital traps with image sending MMS function. It can be triggered at once by any movement of human (or animals) in a certain region of interest (ROI). Do monitoring with a high high sensitive Passive Infrared (PIR). Excellent motion sensor which automatically captures high quality pictures, (up to 12M pixels). It records 1080p HD video clips to the SD card.

This trail cameras allow for 8 x AA batteries. The standard batteries will last approx. 2-3 months depending on how much the trail camera work. When it detects motion and do recording it use more power. The game camera housing is camouflaged to blend in with the natural environment. It is IP67 rated weather proof.

When this motion sensor trail camera traps detect motion, it can be set to take pictures in 12 Megapixel image quality or record a 1080P, 2 Mega Pixel video clip. All of the motion detected, will be recorded. At night time the camera will activate the 940Nm LED lights. This capture images in the dark. These black LED lights is not visible to the human eye. The camera can operate at night without any indication lights working on the camera.

The data recordings will be stored on the SD card up to 64Gig. The camera can also be set up to send picture notifications to the operator’s cell phone when triggered. This image function allow the user to know instantly what triggered the camera. When data was captured on the hunting camera’s SD card, the footage can be viewed using the on-board LCD color screen. Buttons on the camera can be used to scroll through the images and video clips recorded.

Included in the set is a small belt, which can be used to tie the camera around a tree or fixture to do motion detection monitoring. The security camera can be installed anywhere outdoor and can also be used for indoor applications. With the motion detection sensor, the camera will also not send any false alarms or picture notifications, when there was no movement.

These cameras is ideal for animal surveillance, where the camera can be installed near a feeding spot or a burrow where some animals may live or breed.

Excellent product for security purposes where trespassers can be monitored and images can be stored for conviction of criminals.

R5990.00 each VAT incl.

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MMS security camera. Camouflaged housing for outdoor monitoring. So, This model allow for wide area monitoring. Great for home and business. Hunting and Game Trail Security solutions. Insert your SIM card and add normal air time. Standard SMS rates apply for Vodacom, MTN and CellC.