Radar Barrier Beam Sensor for 200m zone.

radar beam barrier


Microwave Radar Barrier

This outdoor Microwave Beam Barriers can cover from 5-200m. It protects a zone of 2m wide and 3m high to make the entire protected zone Intruder proof. This Microwave barrier sensors also allow for small animals to go through, like cats, dogs and birds, while larger or multiple animals will be detected. Easy installation on level or uneven ground. Connect these Radar Beam Barrier sensors to an independent GSM dialer (like the WASOS) and receive instant SMS alerts. Very low operation power consumption, makes this set easy install-able with solar panels, which can be installed where there is no power. Small 18Watt and 7AH batteries for security beams can be connected to the system. Install these barriers cross over, to protect your whole property from burglar intrusion. Outdoor beams and Microwave Radar technology ensure peace of mind for farmers to protect live stock in the field, city citizen protection and jail security.

SP-200 (200m) – R7990.00 each VAT incl.


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