Hidden Spy Covert Cameras to install in any housing.

hidden covert spy camera


Wi-Fi DVR Hidden Spy Camera - Hide anywhere!

DVR mini hidden spy camera, motion detection, record to TF card. DIY very easy to use.

Wireless Spy Camera South Africa. Record motion to TF card. Motion detection push alarm. Detect movement and record video clips in 1080P to TF card. Excellent wireless spy monitoring camera for any housing. Small battery included for 8 hour stand by time. Recording time will depend on the amount of motion detected by the hidden camera.

Install the mini camera in any housing you can think of. Make your own unique housing to hide the camera. The lens is capable of looking through a 2mm hole in a canvas. Use for example a portrait. Make a small hole in the canvas and install the camera. You can use a piece of card board to secure the camera, lens and battery.

The unit is small and light weight. Approximately 10x5x2cm. This makes it easy to install in any housing or on thin surfaces.

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R2490.00 each VAT incl.


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High Definition image quality video streaming. Connect the PIR to your Access Point. Install the Control Management Software on you PC. Connect to the PIR’s using your PC and the CMS included in this package. This example is good as an idea on how to conceal the above security solution.