Wireless Intercom - Complexes and Apartments - Two way audio system using the cell phone network.

wireless apartment intercom for systems

Apartment Intercom

Door Phone/Intercom on GSM for Apartments.

Wireless Intercom Systems for Complexes and Apartments. GSM voice with open door or gate function.

Connect up to 200 users on this system. Open the gate by missed call for authorized numbers. Each user gets an Admin password and ID tag for entrance option. Relay output port to open the gates. Two way communication.

These systems are used on the mobile cell phone network. Users have the keypad with password and missed call to the intercom for access options. Visitors will input the room number to contact the residents.

Wireless set include:

1 x Outdoor Weather proof Intercom station on GSM.

1 x 240V Power supply for Outdoor Wireless Gate station.

Here you have access to the gate station at all times using your mobile.

You can connect this Intercom for villas, hotels, office buildings and townhouse complexes.

R5490.00 each VAT incl.

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Wireless Gate Station and Indoor image monitor station. Complete DIY to install and easy to use. When a visitor is at the entrance, the button will be pressed for attention. The operator can then communicate with the visitor and open the door from the indoor monitor station. Clear video and two way voice.