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“A wide range of wireless cameras for me to choose from…”

2x Wireless IP Cameras and 1x Wi-Fi Router, 1x NVR COMBO: Kit include power supplies. Kit exclude Hard Disk Drives.

Wireless Security Camera configuration for two cameras and a 4 Port High Power Wi-Fi Access Point Router 4Channel NVR. FREE Security Server Software included.

Usual price: R6160


2 x IST-001 HD 1080P High definition - 15m night vision 4mm lens.

1 x WIT-001(300n) POE Wi-Fi Router.

1 x NVR 4Channel for HD cameras. Onvif.

Please note: HDD not included. 1TB to 4TB options available.

Live monitoring, recording to NVR hard disk, ftp and motion detection. Wireless camera kits. Detect movement and send E-mail in picture format. Fixed indoor dome. View up to 64 wireless or RJ45 connected devices on one computer screen. On your LAN network at once. Connect as many IP cameras as needed to your IP security camera network. Use the Internet for monitoring via a DDNS gateway which has been pre-setup.

No software is needed to be installed on your PC. Software runs on camera and NVR. Software for your PC is available for free.

This surveillance camera combo set include two HD 1080P high definition security cameras for indoor monitoring. The HD cameras allow for clear image resolution where even car number plates can be read, if the camera is installed at the gate at day time. The cameras can be set to do motion detection and notify the operator via E-Mail alert through the Internet connection. Software on the 9 channel NVR allow to view nine cameras at once.

The indoor dome camera is ideal for shop front and home entrance surveillance.

Our special access point routers include POE ports for extending your outdoor range with additional boosters. This is used for when the cameras need to be installed outdoor more than about 30m from the indoor access point WIT-001. Outdoor booster will allow the Wi-Fi signals through the building structures. Any obstacles between the cameras and the router will cause the signal to bounce in different directions. Our outdoor routers will make the signals a bit stronger, so that if there is any obstacles in the way, the router will allow a better signal through these obstacles. Metal absorb the signals, and do not allow the signals to bounce.

If more cameras are needed to be added to the premises, one does not need to add an additional router. Up to 200 cameras can be added, where 9 can be monitored at once on the 9 channel NVR.

SPECIAL price: R4928 incl. VAT

SAVE R1232!


Camera kit with two HD dome and one router with NVR - Surveillance for indoor