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“I can see what is happening at my company from anywhere in the world!”

It is our goal to provide valuable and interesting wireless security cameras, that meet your enthusiastic requirements. We have attempted to produce an easy to use and straight forward product range. If you had some difficulty in operation or had questions about the description manual content, we are very interested in hearing from you.

If you have already used your product or damaged it by operation, there is NO REFUND. However, if you merely read the instructions and would like to discuss receiving a refund within 7 days, we encourage you to contact us regarding your concerns.


No refiunds for used products. No refunds will be processed after a period of 7 days of purchase. A handling fee of 30% plus R150 for delivery will be charged for all returned products, which has not been used in any way.

We will take no responsibility for any 3rd party equipment. We do not guarantee that any of your existing equipment will be compatible with our product range.


Regarding customer satisfaction  - We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


Please contact Gerhard Smit for any queries.

Thank you

Gerhard Smit

082 953 6882


Subject to the right of Consumers to return goods for refund under The Consumer Protection Act (see Clause below), Models and All Retail t/a Wirelesscamera does not sell products on a trial basis. Customers are strongly advised to check suitability and specifications of products, prior to purchase. In some instances, Customers may benefit from special price discounts issued by a Wirelesscamera, specifically for their benefit. Such goods are not returnable to Wirelesscamera and may not be sold to other customers. Accordingly, orders for such goods can not be cancelled and Models and All Retail t/a Wirelesscamera, can only accept a return of such Goods where they prove to be defective and the Goods are returned for repair or replacement.



The Consumer Protection Act

1)     Contracts for the purchase of goods by a Customer not acting in the course of a business and made over the telephone or through the Wirelesscamera website, or by mail order, are, with the exception of certain excepted contracts, subject to The Consumer Protection Act  ('the Regulations').


2)     If the Regulations apply, Customers may cancel goods purchased from Wirelesscamera by sending a written notice of cancellation by post or hand delivery


3)     The notice of cancellation must be delivered within 5 working days of the day after date of delivery of the goods.


4)     The Customer will be responsible for the cost of returning the goods if he or she exercises this right of cancellation under the Regulations. If the Customer does not actually return the goods to Wirelesscamera, the Customer is under a duty to make the goods available for collection at the Customer's expense from the address to which they were delivered only.


5)     The Customer is under a duty to retain possession of the goods whilst awaiting return to Wirelesscamera and to take reasonable care of them during this period. The Customer will be liable for any loss of, or damage to the goods, if he or she fails to comply with this obligation.

Please contact Gerhard Smit for any queries.

Thank you

Gerhard Smit

082 953 6882


Refund Policy