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“A wide range of wireless cameras for me to choose from…”

360 and 180 Panoramic Cameras Series with fisheye lens

Here you can view the entire range of wireless cameras in the Panoramic Series.

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Indoor Camera
Outdoor Camera wide angle

About these Cameras

Panoramic IP Cameras work on Wi-Fi and connect to your current network using your WiFi router. Software is included in the 360 degree cameras for viewing different modes and de warping the images for clear view.  One of these panoramic CCTV cameras can do the same work as four other cameras with a 90 degree view angle.

These High Definition surveillance cameras can be installed on the roof about 2-3m high for effective coverage.

The 180 degree cameras with outdoor weather proof housing do not need any de warping software to work. You can install it on the outdoor wall of your property and cover 180 degree view angle with only a single camera.

Outdoor Camera wide angle