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Connect your Android device or PC to view the best live streaming and recording in high definition. When motion is detected the device will record data on the on-board TF card for some models(cards not included) or PC hard disk drive. Continuous recording can also be done with setting changes on the CMS software installed.

All WiFi IP cameras will connect to a Wi-Fi router, which can be setup to do live surveillance from any IP device for example a Smart Phone, Smart TV, Tablet, PC or Laptop.

The HD CCTV above allow for up to 8m night vision with the built-in LED light options. These wireless cameras can be installed indoor for protection and surveillance. The indoor system can be used for monitoring hall ways, rooms, safes, fridges and all different kind of solutions required like for example a Nanny Camera. The outdoor system can also be used indoor or outdoor to monitor intrusion of unwanted trespassers or just simple monitoring of animal safety and health.

Many customers ask how does H.264 compression work on wireless CCTV security?

H.264 compression is used in the best IP cameras for CCTV video compression to save hard disk drive space on your recording device. Normal MJPEG compression on security will transmit all data that it sees on a video image to be recorded as a security file. The trees in the back ground, the fence, the road and so on, will be transmitted on MJPEG compression. H.264 security compression on the other hand, will send you the first image from the CCTV with the trees, fence and road. Then no data will be transmitted if there is no new pixel changes on the security image. When an object then move over the screen area, the H.264 compression protocol will only send the new pixel changes of the security image that moved over the screen area. Thus the trees, fence and road will not be send again as their was no change in the security image pixels. This H.264 compression save allot of recording space and also lower the WiFi bandwidth usage. More security IP video system devices can be installed on one Wi-Fi network using compression with H.264 technology. This is an excellent security compression that allow smooth video surveillance over the Internet.

“A wide range of wireless cameras for me to choose from…”

NW-0M2 - 802.11b/g/n IP Cameras - Best 8m Night vision H.264

Wireless H.264 MEGAPIXEL IP Pan and Tilt motion detection cameras with 802.11b/g/n. E-mail, FTP, Factory DDNS, CMS software included and installed. Online surveillance made easy.

Frame to display security solutions to monitor pan and tilt and night visionDownload Manual


Wi-Fi Security cameras detect movement and view live in H.264/JPEG compression over 5m night vision. Record movement on your hard disk drive. Pan and Tilt indoor camera. View up to 9 wireless or RJ45 connected cameras on one LAN network PC screen at once. Use the Internet for monitoring best quality when needed. Free factory DDNS.

Security Cameras Specifications:

- CMOS 4mm Fixed Iris MegaPixel Lens

- Pan , Tilt up to 8m night vision

- H.264 720P 1 Megapixel Resolution (1280x720)

- SD Card Record

- 1 Alarm in, 1 Alarm out 802.11b/g/n

- CMS pre-motion record and monitoring software installed included.

- H.264, Excellent for Internet Video Streaming

Wireless IP Cameras | NW-0M2 Indoor motion detection monitoring