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Game Trail Cameras - Outdoor camouflaged MMS camera

MMSHuntingPro - Motion detection camouflaged hunting game hidden spy trail cameras, send picture via Cell Phone network. DIY very easy to use. Black LED lights invisible to human eye.

Game trail ccamera for hunting


Camouflaged hunting MMS trail camera for outdoor and indoor use. IP66 weatherproof specifications. Rechargeable battery can last up to 4 days on stand by. Dual motion sensors allow for outdoor trail environment. Record video in HD to the SD card. SD cards can be up to 32GIG.

940NM LED’s allow for the night vision light source to be invisible to the human eye.

Max image quality 12 Mega Pixels High Definition.

Excellent night vision with 940nm LED lights

These Camouflaged hunting MMS trail cameras for outdoor can be installed indoor also. IP66 weatherproof specifications allow for outdoor windy, dusty and weather proof environments. Tie the game camera around a tree trunk or just have it stand on the ground at your desired focus level to monitor a specific trail or walk path of animals and humans. When motion is detected via the dual motion sensors on the trail camera, it will activate and start taking, pictures, video clips or send MMS notification to the master number programmed on the system software.

When it gets dark at night or even with high cloud situations, the LED lights will light up to enhance the monitoring area in the dark. The 940Nm LED lights are black and are invisible to the human eye. This is ideal to do monitoring at night where the intruder can not see the standard red shine of LED lights. The device will stay camouflaged and not draw attention.