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Excellent cameras with power supply and online monitoring

“A wide range of wireless cameras for me to choose from…”

HiCam-PTZx5 Bullet HD CCTV Camera - 30-40m Night vision 2.7-13.5mm zoom wide angle lens

Wireless CCTV Security 802.11b/g/n IP colour day/night. Motion detection push. E-mail notification software installed, DIY very easy to use with voice.

Excellent indoor night vision with motion detection CCTV security


Live monitoring colour security systems. PTZ CCTV camera systems record to SD card. Ftp and motion detection E-mail send. Detect movement and send E-mail as picture format. Bullet in/outdoor CCTV security systems. View up to 32 wireless or RJ45 connected devices on one computer monitor. Use your LAN network for Onvif NVR recording. Connect as many IP PTZ cameras as needed to your systems IP security camera network. Use the Internet for monitoring via the APP gateway which has been downloaded to your phone.

CMS software is needed to be installed on your PC, if required for hard disk drive recording.

HiCam Series HD PTZ Wi-Fi High definition 1080P image quality security surveillance cameras. These wireless CCTV PTZ cameras connect to the Wi-Fi network on 802.11b/g/n. Install the security cameras with easy P2P connectivity local. Connect your Android/IOS device or PC to view live streaming and recording in high definition image. When motion is detected the security camera will record data to the TF card or PC hard drive. Continuous recording can also be done with setting changes on the CMS APP software.

All IP cameras will connect to a Wi-Fi router on site, which can be setup to do live surveillance from any IP device for example a Smart Phone, Smart TV, Tablet, PC, NVR or Laptop.