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T001-TV Box Android streaming, movies, shows, security cameras and much more home entertainment.

OTT TV Box with Android OS to monitor security cameras and also Internet TV streaming made easy - DIY. Just connect the device to your monitor via HDMI or AV and you have a Smart device. Connect the Air mouse or use remote control included in the set.


Upgrade your standard TV to an Android TV, using our unique design and software upgraded TV Boxes South Africa.

Connect this Android TV Box device using Wi-Fi or Cat5 RJ45 to your Router, Android TV Box. Use 802.11b/g/n wi-fi protocol. Excellent Wi-Fi wireless Android TV box device to use at least 100m line of sight or 30 meters between walls to your router. Connect your 3G modem or ADSL Telkom line to the Android TV box device for Internet access to the box. Box Set include HDMI, USB, SD, RJ45 and power ports for network and TV connection.


This Wi-Fi TV Android box allow for wireless networking on 802.11b/g/n. It has a RJ45 port to connect the box to a wired network. The online TV Box with Android OS, comes complete with power supply and built-in antennae, to connect to the wireless IP cameras and other IP products of your choice. We suggest a continuous connection to ADSL for online TV streaming using the box. These Android box is sufficient for live streaming of security cameras and other functions, the same as a tablet PC. Connect your TV to your network with Internet connectivity, and enjoy the entertainment offered by this box.

Our dedicated team installed most of the commonly used Applications available for the Android Box. These include TV streaming for Kodi, Netflix, Showmax, Youtube and many other programs or APP’s. As user, you can add any other gaming or software applications to make the box device more user friendly for your own entertainment on your TV.

Using the Kodi TV box, will offer thousands of movies, shows and channel streams to watch online, on your TV. But as a free service, some links may change or stop working for system upgrades done by the service providers. Paid services, like Netflix and Showmax offer more stable links, as these are paid for to keep up and running continuously from the TV Box.


Android Box Specifications:

- 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Access Point TV Box Android

- 10/100M Network port

- SD Card slot

- HDMI Output port to TV or screen

- Standard remote control

Android TV Box streaming with remote control to manage and change settings on the device

TV to smart with Android device, monitor security cameras and also Internet movie streaming made easy - DIY - View complete range here!