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“A wide range of wireless cameras for me to choose from…”

Solar Power HD IP Camera kit

24/7 Solar Panel and Battery solution system with two fixed outdoor MegaPixel cameras.

24/7 Solar Power Solution for 5V only!


Install this wireless solar powered solution anywhere where there is no power available. The system will keep on working for twenty four hours and seven days a week without problems.

System Include: 2 x NWIP-0MC3 - RJ45, 1 MegaPixel, 25m night vision

                         1 x APR(3G) - 3G Access Point Router, Wi-Fi

                         1 x 65A Sealed Lead Acis battery

                         1 x 80 Watt Solar Panel

                         1 x Charge controller and cables

Note: Poles, brackets and other accessories can be quoted for.

2 x Solar Panels

Please note that this system is designed for two of our NWIP-0MC3 IP cameras. No poles, boxes, sundries or installation is quoted for.